Sunday, February 6, 2011

Anticipation Guide.

1) The key to all emotional healing can be found in nature.

2) Nature is filled with harsh cruelties.

3) A person’s priorities should place family before work.

4) Enjoying life is more important than pursuing fame, glory, and knowledge.

5) Those born with social and financial advantages have a responsibility for those who are not.
Disagree and agree but if had to choose: Disagree

6) Ignorance is bliss.

7) The pursuit of knowledge is a volatile quest.

8) Someone’s ego (over-inflated sense of self-worth or superiority) will cause a tragic fall.

9) Children learn their behaviors by watching and mimicking adults.

10) Most people are basically cruel.

11) Society makes a person whatever he becomes.
Disagree and Agree but if had to choose Agree

12) The “disenfranchised man,” who finds himself unable to live within society for whatever reason, is someone for whom we should feel sympathy or reverence.

13) Rejection and mistreatment can manifest themselves in a person becoming rage-filled.

14) If a person or an animal is treated with cruelty, he will respond to others in the same way.

15) Those people we deem “monsters” in today’s society are merely misunderstood.

11) Society makes a person whatever he becomes...
- This all depends on how strong the person truly is, but mainly I agree with this statement. For example an African American child is born in the Bronx what are the chances of him being the first one of his family to go to university, or becoming a civil engineer? Of course there have been cases were the person has exceeded this, especially in sport, but if your are influenced by the society rich or poor, at a young age you "become the society" Also the people you are surrounded by in the society decides what kind of person you become. For example your parents are extremely rich, your probably going to end up being stuck up, because you are surrounded by people who instantly get anything and everything they want including the society. I know every country even cities have their dangers but if raised up in London for example your son or daughter might be corrupted and introduced to your surroundings such as hooliganism, Alcohol, drugs etc. This is the same case anywhere else in the world. Societies need to be better...

15) Those people we deem “monsters” in today’s society are merely misunderstood.

I strongly disagree with this statement because everyone by now should know how the world clicks, so people perfectly understand what they are doing and why. For example someone has enough of being bullied and comes to school one day and kills everyone in there, this particular person knows exactly what they are doing. How can someone that is accused of rape or molesting a child be misunderstood, they perfectly know what they are doing and what they are capable of. These "monsters" know exactly what they are doing but if I had something to say to these people, I would tell them: think about the consequences as well as how you are going to take someones life away with your actions. I on the other hand am misunderstood on how these "monsters" can do such things.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Kite Runner- Review by Paul Engomites

The #1 New York Times bestseller The Kite Runner was published by Khaled Hosseini on August 3rd 2003, at the time this extraordinary book was like no other, many different reviews, and critiques described this book as “powerful…haunting” “moving and unexpected” “evocative and genuine” The Kite Runner fulfills the promise of fiction and has many different themes and genres such as love, honor, guilt, fear even redemption. The themes are “universal” familial relationships, particularly father and son, the price of disloyalty, the inhumanity of a rigid class system and the horrific realities of war. The novel both transforms the life of Amir, Khaled Hosseini's young narrator, who comes of age during the last peaceful days of the monarchy, just before his country's revolution and its invasion by Russian forces. The mood and tone change unpredictably and there are many different ones. For instance it is very thoughtful, tragic, filled with despair and very sad but at other times it is uplifting and hopeful. The author effectively employs literary devices accurately as well as characterization to define the characters. (Amir and Hassan) I personally could not connect with the book, because it was based on a cold blooded war, and hope not to in the future. I would definitely recommend this book to older people around the age groups of 20+ because Khaled Hosseini’s writing style is tricky and might not be understandable to some, but otherwise reading this book was a great use of time.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Thomas Robinson reached around, ran his fingers under his left arm and lifted it.
He guided his arm to the Bible and his rubber-like left hand sought contact with
the black binding. As he raised his right hand, the useless one slipped off the
Bible and hit the clerk’s table. He was trying again when Judge Taylor growled,
“That’ll do, Tom.” she furiously said. Tom took the oath and stepped into the witness chair. Atticus quickly induced him to tell us:
Tom was twenty-five years of age; he was married with three children; he had
been in trouble with the law before: he once received thirty days for disorderly
“It must have been disorderly,” said Atticus. “What did it consist of?”
“Got in a fight with another man, he tried to cut me.”
“Did he succeed?”
“Yes suh, a little, not enough to hurt. You see, I—” Tom moved his left shoulder.
“Yes,” said Atticus. “You were both convicted?”
“Yes suh, I had to serve ‘cause I couldn’t pay the fine. Other fellow paid his’n.”
Dill leaned across me and asked Jem what Atticus was doing. Jem said Atticus
was showing the jury that Tom had nothing to hide.
“Were you acquainted with Mayella Violet Ewell?” asked Atticus.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TKAM Anticipation guide

Sometimes murder is a necessary evil?
- In my opinion i think this is true because, for example someone kills your family, the offender goes to prison or most of the times cannot be found. Once again in my opinion i don't think you can do everything by yourself, and the people who get you through life is your family. Imagine the feeling you would have if the offender of killing your family just goes to jail even a death sentence won't satisfy you after, that sort of crime. The only satisfaction you will have is to get revenge, most likely doing the same thing to him/her. The one thing that makes this complication even worst is that in some countries especially England, when someone breaks into your house, you are not allowed to touch the criminal or you would be taken to jail, or sued etc. Even if your child or wife is getting raped you cannot lay a finger on the criminal. Even though it wont bring back whoever died, you can make the lawbreaker feel what your feeling, and i think that is more painful than rotting in jail, or even been given a death sentence.

If you are truly innocent then you have nothing to fear from a judicial system?
- I personally disagree with this statement, because not only have there been many cases or "incidents" of innocent people being thrown in jail instead of the actual criminals, but it's common sense if everyone is being defended even the criminals then why shouldn't you have fear from a judicial system. Lawyers jobs are to defend both the innocent and the guilty, and their objectives especially of the guilty are to prove the judge(s) otherwise. Innocent or not you should always be cautious, not exactly fear but just cautious of what you say, and how you say it. A great example of this is the Scottsboro case, most people knew they were innocent all of the evidence was there, the kids that were accused of this had nothing to fear nothing to be cautious about because they knew they were innocent, but because of most likely racism they were thrown in jail for doing absolutely nothing. (For not accusing a crime) Just because you are innocent doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful of the judicial system.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gist Statement

September 5 1940
Deep down in the core of Russia, Moscow, lied a facility called U.H.O.V (Unappreciated Hunchbacks operate vaccinations) At this facility 3 doctors worked, their names were Sasha, Sashkin and Guady. These doctors were using iron as a main ingredient for a vaccination against malaria, these doctors had devoted most of their lives on this one experiment so the last thing they wanted to be, was embarrassed. In the middle of the doctors main lab was a big candelabra that they cleaned each day before and after they started work, the candelabra was very significant to them because their boss gave it to them to show his gratitude for their hard work. There facility was an old nuclear fission plant so there was always a caution.
September 6 1940
The doctors went to work like usual, and everything was going smooth until they heard planes fly over them.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

News Flash

... and now, we will continue the terrifying story of the smartest young boy in the world, people have said he is smarter than Einstein, but today, gave us a different idea about the young boy. We just got some more information on the smart brave boy: he is 11 years old, he goes to the University of Georgia, and he can faint over little things. According to the horse which is now being interrogated , to talk and say what happened, he quoted and said, "Hay Sup!" to the young boy, We cant reveal all of the information about the boy, but we might at the closing minutes of the show. Apparently there were more incidents of him, and other animals on the bottom left sight of the picture. Once again a policeman happened to be at the scene eating mini dohgnuts with chocolate sauce and a hanfull of sprinkles, saw exactly what happened. My orders are to say exactly what happened, so here we go, the boy is in acoma, his mother, who was driving died because she was so shocked and choked on her own saliva, and the horse was sent to a life sentence in Goergia prison. Thats not it though the horse escaped of the prison, and the youg boy has woken, and is in good condition, but now im hearing that he has remembered what happened and fell back in to acoma, but we dont know yet he might be dead, he might of swallowed on his own saliva like his mother, and for the camel... it might be back to haunt other geniuses in the world, like George Bush.